Online blackjack is fast

  • Posted by admin
  • July 31st, 2013

Part of the challenge of mastering online blackjack is that the pace is so much quicker than it is at a traditional brick and mortar casino. Blackjack is already a fast enough game but the online version makes it a much faster game and a dynamic all to itself.

Many gamblers get caught up in the speed of blackjack at the online casino and they fail to adjust to the pace. This costs them valuable bankroll assets which are often devoured quickly by the dynamics of the game.

Another trap that many players fall into is the trap of playing more than one game at the same time. This is like taking the pace of online blackjack and putting it on steroids. Not only does this cause significantly more bets per hour but it also causes for a poorer quality of play.

The old adage from poker also applies to blackjack in that the less bets you make, the better you do and the more bets you make the worse that you do. The fine balance that a player must develop when it comes to blackjack can get destroyed by the lack of a player’s ability to adjust to the pace, speed, and tempo of the game. And playing multiple games and hands only serves to take a potentially bad situation and make it worse.

The ultimate path to success in blackjack is with tempered discipline and respect for the fundamentals of the odds. Players that try and defy the law of gravity and mathematics will go broke quickly. Part of having success at online blackjack is respecting the probabilities and not betting “the feel” or with “intuition.”

Blackjack online can be extremely rewarding but only if discipline and money management is effectively employed on a regular basis.

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